Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day Challenge: Favorite Date


I haven't participated in a blog challenge in a longgg time; but these are fun and it's an easy way to find new blogs. Amber from Brunch with Amber is hosting this one with a Neely and Casey.

Day 1: Favorite Date

Chris and I didn't date for very long. I guess when you know, you just know. Or when you get pregnant, you trap them. Tomato, tommaaattoo. :)

For the 4th of July {my favorite holiday}, we got tickets to the Cubs vs Cardinals game in St. Louis. Chris got us a room across from Union Station and we just ate and gallivanted around downtown all day.

Why I decided to dress like a Flinstone is beyond me...

We enjoyed the game and then headed out of the stadium to watch the fireworks over the arch.

Since we were sitting in a field, it never really felt like a proposal. In the middle of the fireworks, he started telling how much he loved me, how excited he was to have a baby, how glad he was that he moved to STL.... and then out popped the ring! :)

I would have been paying more attention if I knew what he was leading to; but I was thrilled nonetheless.

We got married three months after the proposal... had Haven four months after that.... And haven't slowed down since.


  1. You two are adorable...I love this story! And that ring isn't too shabby either!

  2. Love it! This should have made you LOVE the Cardinals! haha

  3. Beautiful! I think baseball is a perfect setting!

  4. what a great story hun and awww your ring is GORGEOUS :) perfect date if you ask me! xo

  5. Aww! Glad it all worked out! :) Was it on the jumbo screen!?? hhahah

  6. OMG Love this!!!!

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  7. THAT is a good date! And your ring is absolutely gorgeous!!

    I'm a new follower - glad to have found your blog!

    Thanks for linking up with us for the Valentines Challenge!

  8. That ring is absolutely stunning!! Love it!

  9. Love this!! We got engaged at a baseball field too!

  10. What a great date!! Your ring is gorgeous!

    I'm having fun with this challenge and finding so many fun new blogs! I'm glad I found yours! =)

  11. Super gorgeous ring! Princess cuts are the best (I have one too :) )

  12. wow beautiful ring, someone loves you very much!!

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