Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Loves


I love reading these... and I'm known to be a complainer... So why not link up with Jamie and tell you what I LOVE today?!

1. I love all of my blog friends. Like, for real LOVE. I wish we could all meet in real life, craft, eat cookies, and talk about how cute our husbands are. {Hey Tots, when are we getting donuts? You promised me donuts. Ha}

2. I love that Haven is talking more. The tubes and speech therapy have done wonders. He even asks "Mummy.... Whhyyy?" after every request and I don't even mind. :)

3. I love that some of this baby weight is finally shaking off. Or at least dispersing to other parts of my body so that I can button my jeans.

4. I love that Haven's birthday is next month. He requested a robot theme. I'm trying to find someone to come over dressed as a robot and teach the kids the robot dance. I may or may not have to resort to Craiglist and wish for the best. Annyyy takers?!

5. I love that today is bonus day at work. Big money.. big money... no whammy... no whammy... Mama wants to have a field day at Tar-Jay!

6. I love that Chris has gotten up with Olive EVERY night since I stopped nursing. BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.

7. And who doesn't love a baby who just wakes up and smells like rainbows and milk?!

Happy Wednesday! What is everyone making for dinner tonight? I have some left over chili, so I think I'm making the boys some chili-mac.


  1. Loves your loves list. So much good to be happy about! I just read Tina Fey's take on breastfeeding and it cracked me up. One day we will sit and have those cookies friend...the whole bag!

  2. Yay for Chris! Love that he's helping so much with Olive at night, that has got to be so nice! That Mr. Haven is super cute, hope he has a great birthday! Again, great job on your weight loss, I'll admit I'm a little jealous, I just need to seriously look at your food plan, maybe tonight! Have a great Wednesday! And good luck with the BONUS! :)

  3. Yay!! for loosing baby weight....ugh...not gonna lie...not looking forward to that...

  4. Oh loved this. wish we could eat cookies and craft together too. You have a beautiful family! :) Oh oh and yeah for losing weight and bonuses! whoop whopp!

  5. Glad to hear that Haven's speech is coming along. Love the sweet pics of Olive. I have no idea about dinner tonight. Ugh!

  6. Not this Friday but what about next Friday, that first Friday in February. Didn't you tell me you were off on Fridays or am I thinking of someone else. Around 8:30am....until they run out of coffee.

  7. I'm so doing this! You always havE great blog ideas, and better yet we actually do know each other! When we bring the kids to stl, we will have to do the zoo or magic house or something

  8. Aw, your blog is too skinkin' cute! I found her blog from your comment you left on mine this morning, thank you!! :) Oh and I'm now a new follower! Your babies are ADORB! Can't wait to read more.


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  9. I just made two new blog friends and it is so much fun being able to talk them and form relationships from 100's of miles away! Love blog friends!

  10. Good husband!! I should make my husband read this blog. :)

  11. My husband gets up with my twins too, since when I was nursing I was waking up a million times a night. We're soo lucky!!! =) I'm a new follower! P.S. I haven't read the apology book or even heard about it. I am definitely going to look into it! Love your blog!