Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Happy Things


I dare you to try and read this post and not cry.

It's not possible.

I read this story a few months ago and have been sharing it ever since.

I don't know why I haven't shared it with you all. My friend Amy has a desire to adopt and the other night we were talking about it. I shared with her this story and started crying just telling her about it.

I thought you all would enjoy an ugly-cry as well. :) It's very moving.


This letter from Heather to her 8 year old daughter. Heather always makes me laugh.


I want to go to SNAP. I have no desire in life to be a professional blogger or get 10,000 followers, I just want to meet some of my favorite bloggers in real life. I was scrolling down the speaker list and kept getting more excited. If any of you are going or want to go, let me know. Then I will peer-pressure myself into ditching the family for the weekend and soaking up bloggy-goodness.

Or we could skip the conference, go to San Diego, drink margaritas on the beach, and have someone teach us to use our DSLR cameras.


We booked a trip to Orlando/Disney for May. My sister in law, nephew, and in-laws are all going. We're spending a day at Hollywood Studios at Disney World {where Toy Story and all of the Pixar characters hang out}, then we're going to Universal for a day or two so that my nerdy husband and his mom can drink Butter Beer at the Harry Potter exhibit. :)

Chris and I have only been on one vacation together. We went to Miami for our one year wedding anniversary and stayed at the Trump Resort {amazing!}. It was a late honeymoon... But the first day we were there, we got margaritas at 10am, had too much sun, and were so sun burnt that we had to sleep in separate beds for the rest of our trip. Not really a honeymoon if you know whadd-i-mean. Not that a family trip with the in-laws is going to be a honeymoon, but it will be fun. I have a vision of us, parading around Orlando in neon shirts, visors, and fanny packs. We are the Stanfield's, after all.


I walked out to my car yesterday... and Chris had left me a happy surprise. {Swoon!}


This little girl has Justin Timberlake hair, circa 1998, when it's wet. But as soon as I comb it, it lays straight to dry. :)


That's all the happy randomness that I have for you today.


  1. I just appreciate this post more than you know. Your hubby is so sweet to give you a surprise! :) Shows he was thinking of you! I just cannot get enough of those Olive pictures. Excited also for your trip (and a little jealous too!) Haven will have a great time!! I didn't read the cry story yet, I'm too emotional as it is and don't want to be a crying mess at work. I'll wait until I get home tonight.

  2. Olive is a doll. Love all those blonde curls.

    So excited to hear you guys are going to Disney. Can I hide in your luggage? I could totally babysit! Universal was my favorite. Islands of adventure. Go eat at Circus McGurkis (read the book to Haven!) Circus McGurkis is just a burger/fry type place but they have entertainment! Some lady came out to read a story and the characters from the story came out and there was music and dancing and it was my favorite part! And also a train goes through the restaurant. The High In The Sky Trolley is the name of the 'train'. Good photo ops inside that building.

    Actually the ENTIRE Dr Seuss landing is great for photo ops.

    And Haven will LOVE the One Fish Two Fish ride! It's kinda like the Dumbo ride at Disney but you will get a little wet on the Fish ride. A song plays and if you listen to the words and follow the directions you won't get wet but if it says go up and you go down, you'll get squirted!

  3. Disney is the happiest place on earth and maybe the only place you can get away with a fanny pack. You will have a blast!

    Sign me up for your version of a blogger conference in San Diego!

    {p.s. After you read your mag, give me the scoop on Heidi & Seal.}

  4. Oh ya, and Olive is ADORABLE.