Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Favorite Day of the Month: Finish the Sentence with Jake!

Jake and I have been doing this linkup for the past 6 months. This is the best linkup to click around and find new blogs to read. If you've never linked up before, just copy and paste the code from the button below into the HTML side of your post. Then answer the questions and register your blog down at the bottom.

The two blogger's who bring the funnies, each win a $10 card to Starbuck's. 

My happy place... is about 8:30pm, in bed with the kids sleep, lights off, and playing on my phone. Or a bar. I like to drink too.

Whatever happened to... {all I can think of is the Full House song, thanks to Erin!}

So what if I.... am skipping school picture day and letting the kids dress like rag muffins. Their school pictures are overpriced on a gaudy background. My cheap ass will just keep the proofs. 

E! needs a reality show about... bloggers. Ho's from different area codes.

My go-to fast food meal is... Arby's Santa Fe sandwich, take off the roast beef, then add curly fries. But they just discontinued the sandwich and broke my fat girl heart, so a big Mac, with no meat (keep the cheese!) minus the middle bun and add BBQ sauce with a Dr. Pepper. And if Chris doesn't check the bag, then he might as well kill himself.

You might not know that I... love country music! All of it. The more honky tonky, the better, darlin'.

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Aaron Rodgers. I like them scruffy with some olive skin. We're Cowboy fans in this house, though.

If I could... teach Chris that "doing the laundry" isn't emptying the dryer and leaving the clothes in baskets for me to fold, then I might be achieving something as a wife.

My personality is awesome because... I take Lumiday now. Day three and I haven't had anxiety or flipped my shit this week. Whole new meaning behind taking a chill pill. 

Twerking is.... only appropriate with a foam finger or if you are a few months pregnant.

I think it's super gross when... I see a porto-potty. I dry heeve. Like for real gag at the smell, poluted or not.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... to let her freak flag fly because I love watching a good train wreck.

You all know I love some good Before & After pictures. And these are some of my favorites. Please check out these two ladies that have lost 60 pounds! 

Kim from A Happier Girl reminds me a lot of Mel. Hard working mom of two, runner, with a big weight loss story. Over a period of 10 months, she lost 60 pounds and documented her progress in my favorite post of hers HERE. A lot of people wanted to know how to even get started. How do you even star to lose 60  pounds? Read her Come to Jesus moment HERE. Besides her weight loss story, she is just like ever other mom who enjoy a margarita. Check out her blog HERE and be sure to follow her on bloglovin' HERE.

Jessi from The Girl Who Thought Too Much recently posted about her 60 pound weight loss on this post HERE. She started her journey in February this year and has just kept pushing through. I love Jessi's blog because she is always upbeat and positive. She recently started Cross Fit, for anyone that is interested in reading someone's thoughts on flipping tires. {her words--ha} But my favorite post are her 30 Day Shred results HERE {the best ones I've ever seen!} Go check out Jessi HERE and keep up with her on bloglovin' HERE.

Now link up with us below. Winners will be announced Friday morning.

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  1. Haha, you're welcome for getting the Full House theme song stuck in your head! :)

    I'm with you on the school pictures thing! I just had my kids pictures taken a few weeks ago... there's no way I'm spending at least $50 on crappy school pics that will never see the light of day! I never order them.

    And yayy for a chill pill... I'm better off with them too! :)

  2. Our heads were in the same place because I'm also talking about Full House and a show on E! about bloggers... and I may have googled "hot NFL quarterbacks" and chose Aaron Rodgers.

  3. Dr Pepper is a staple in my fast food meal, whether it's my go-to or not. Maybe I had one at the movies the other night. With a hot dog that I dipped in a cup of nacho cheese. Maybe.

  4. I love country music too! My poor husband, lol. And school picture day is over rated. My son's daycare has picture day too! Geez.

  5. Ugh! My husband does the exact same thing with our laundry. I have to remind him that if my work clothes are wrinkled he has to iron them because I don't know how. It drives me crazy though!

  6. Putting the laundry away is the worst. Any fool can transfer from washer to dryer and dryer to basket!

  7. I love your happy place!

  8. Next road trip it is country - just for you Holls:) And I think we might have the same taste in quarterbacks - LOL!

  9. That's exactly how my husband does laundry too.

  10. HOLLA! That must be a hubby thing to "do the laundry" by leaving it in a pile for me to do. On the other hand when we "wrestle" he's the one doing most of the work cause this girl is more of a sit back and enjoy kind of gal. Oh uh, too much info?
    I would have never taken you for a country girl. I like country music as well, minus pop country. I'm leadding a boycott against that.

  11. i thought that is how all men do laundry?!
    also, I had a dream that involved porta potties last night. i woke up sicker then shit.

  12. Umm... I thought you were a Jack in the Box kinda gal??

  13. LOVE me some Aaron Rodgers! Definitely a born and raised Packers fan, but I somehow managed to marry a Bears fan. My sister and I do a lot of texting during the games, none of which is football related, its more like, did you see how hot Aaron looks?! And don't even get me started on the laundry!

  14. Damn you- now I am singing the Full House song. I will secong the motion on the "If I could" sentence. I have got to the point where if I see him take the laundry out I will immediatly demand/ask/tell/request he fold that basket. After all it is his laundry too.

  15. Awww, it to win it for the Starbies gift card :) Thanks for hosting, Holly!

  16. This has nothing to do with the linkup (although I do love it). I just had to say I think your hubs is so adorably good looking and I feel like it's "ok" for me to tell you that because my hubs looks a lot like him, so instead of me being creepy, I'm pointing out that we have similar (and obviously amazing) taste in men, mmmk?!! :) You are also adorable (and hilarious), but that goes without saying, right? Speaking of your cuteness, not long before you got those super blonde bangs I tried to do the same exact thing, but they didn't turn out right so I ended up with super blonde straight across bangs instead. It's a love/hate relationship. If yours are a pain in the ass, I feel for ya, but they really do look cute on you. Mine are almost long enough to tuck behind my ear again, thank goodness. And just so I can fit as many different topics into one comment- I have a happy pill that helped me with my anxiety TONS. I hope you're seeing a positive difference with yours too! If not though, email me because mine's quite a bit cheaper than Lumiday so it may be worth a try! Thanks for unknowingly helping me waste lots of time at work. Maybe one day when I finally start posting my own blogs I'll join some of those great linkups and waste even more time! Omg, that reminds me, just one more thing! My best friend IRL (who you remind me a lot of) is named Holly as well! She's a super cute, super funny Holly Jo, with the cutest little short stubby legs (one of your posts about your stubby legs was pretty much the reason I started following you). I thought I saw a J initial on some old post of yours... so now I'm really curious about your middle name... care to share?

  17. I'm thinking I need to try Lumiday ASAP!!

  18. OO, I love the idea about a blogger show! I see your name all over that one!

    And I just died reading about Chris not checking your fast food bag. Hysterical.

    Please tell me you're going to write a post about Lumiday in the near future? I mean, you can wait a few weeks to be sure you don't sprout a third ear or start stuttering from side effects, and THEN tell us about it. I'm sure my hubs would buy stock in it if it transformed my anxiety.

  19. I am a fellow vegetarian, and I am very very curious as to how you order a burger, with no patty? The one time that I tried, all I got was a plain ole bun. Seriously!

  20. I had no idea you love country! Me too! Ever listen to Hot Club of Cowtown? :)

  21. Can we try to get "Hoes from Different Area Codes" off the ground? Let's make that happen, like for real.

  22. You and your meatless Big Mac kills me.

  23. just curious - was there a finish the sentence link up for October? I was looking forward to it! :)