Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday: Olive Betty Edition

Today I am linking up with the southern beauty queen, Darci from the good life blog. You just list five happy, random things from your week, then go to her blog HERE to linkup.

Olive Betty turned two last week and since I was travelling to Tennessee during a state of emergency, I didn't get to post anything to my blog. So today, I am going to list the 5 funniest things about OB.


I wrote a letter to Olive and Haven HERE, where I talked about it's Olive's world and we just live in it. She is so much like me in the sense that she is bossy, goofy, and moody. The letters are still one of my favorite posts.


She has a feeling chart in her classroom. Each day they have to pick if they are happy, shy, tired, sad, etc. Her favorite thing for the last two months is to tell everyone that she is shy. She'll say, "Daddy! Daddy!" And when Chris says, "What, OB?" she will tilt her head to the side and in a little baby voice say, "I-shyyyy." Knowing damn good and well she isn't the least bit shy. The bullshit really gets Haven all ticked off. And he will say, "No BABY! You not SHY!" And then she will scream on the top of her lungs, "I-SHYYYYY."


Her favorite word is snack, which she pronounces snakkkk. The first thing she says in the morning is, "I wan snakkk. I wan show." AKA, you have two minutes to waddle your ass downstairs, get me some muffins and turn on Disney. Although she won't sit down and watch a show at all. I don't know if it's her eyes or if she just like the background noise.


After she has her first morning snack, she will usually have breakfast at home before going to school. Chris will either make her cereal or give her a cereal bar for the car ride to school. When she gets to her classroom, her teacher has breakfast set out on all of the tables. Olive will run across the room and throw her binky like she is tossing a balloon of drugs and dive for the table, as if we have been starving her.


OB is a genius. When her diaper needs changed, she will tell us, lay down for us to put a new one on her, and throw her old one away. Over Christmas break, when we have a few days home together, we plan on potty training her. She gets moved up to the 2 year old classroom next month where they work with the kids in the bathroom.  She can also put on her own shoes and coat. If her coat isn't laying a certain way, she will move it around on the ground, and then get in put-on position. Here is a little video, pardon her fruit snack she had to eat first.

I also want to highlight another amazing baby, Wesley. Wes was born back in September and has hydranephrosis of the right kidney, subglotic stenosis, severe acid reflux, and failure to thrive. Since Wes has had to spend much of his first weeks in the PICU, his family is raising money to give back to the other children in the hospital. It broke my heart when she told me that a lot of the older children spend the days by themselves because their parents are forced back to work.

The money raised will provide infant mobiles, coloring books, movies, board games, and hopefully even new televisions for some hospital rooms. Ashley and her husband feel so blessed that Wes gets to go home after some of his treatments, but most of the kids aren't as lucky. Whatever is donated is going back to the hospital to make the other families more comfortable and give entertainment to the sick kids. If you can donate today, the fundraising page is HERE. Even something has small as $5 can buy a coloring book and markers. Nothing is too small. Also, if you want to read more about Wes, click HERE.


  1. Olive is just so darn cute!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your #2 had me laughing out loud!!! And now I just realized how that sounds if it was taken out of context....hahaha! :) Happy Friday!

    ~Devon @ La Du It 2 It

  3. Owen said, "oh good job sissy!"
    Me, "she's not your sister"
    "Yeah mommy best friend's"

  4. She is so cute! One of my best friends works at a daycare at the University of Iowa and was telling me how the daycare kids put their coats on. I thought her daycare was crazy but I guess this is the new way to have kids put a coat on!

  5. I love olive betty already! ,, I need to start teaching my kids that coat trick asap!

  6. What do I want? OB! When do I want her? NOW! Send her to me, Ill even throw in potty training!

  7. Olive is so cute! That is quite hilarious how she dives into the breakfast table at school! Good luck with the potty training!!

  8. She is so dang cute! I love the food dive at school. What is it with kids eating everywhere. LOL.
    Good luck with potty training. I don't even touch that stuff till kids are 2-1/2, maybe because I've been peed on way to many times. LOL

  9. I mean, you already know your kid is cute, but damn, I need to learn that jacket trick so I can function as an adult and not look like I'm having a seizure when my hands get stuck!!!

    One day in a far off place, I will procreate and have heathens that will probly rival your angel babies behavior :)

  10. A girl after my own heart that food comes before getting dressed!

  11. Awwww what a cute little girl!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. #3 makes me feel better about life. My kid asks for the TV the second he wakes up...and a graham cracker and god help me if we are out of them. And yes, he does totally run everything at our house! I loved this sweet post!

  13. "And he will say, "No BABY! You not SHY!" And then she will scream on the top of her lungs, "I-SHYYYYY." Hahaha, I can't wait until they're older and you share the crazy ish they'll say if they're already doing that now. How funny!

  14. Hee hee! I can sympathize with you. My 18 month old wants food. Now. Always.

  15. she is the cutest! i don't see enough of her!

  16. Ok OB is a riot and THE cutest!! I just love her!!