Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Alive

Barely. Between Gretta arriving and Olive getting the stomach bug, my week is already thrown off course. Thank goodness my mother in law is the saint of latter day saints and came down Sunday night to save my sanity. Olive stayed home with her yesterday, and of course, she acted 100% healthy.
Chris dodged the stench and cottage cheese chunks of Olive’s stomach bug. First pass was while he was working out Sunday morning. Second pass is while I was rocking her close to my chest. I must have reacted like the girl on Maury Povich who found out that the child didn’t not belong to baby-daddy #12. Because Olive would not stop laughing  at me for the rest of the night. 
I’m a big scareddy cat to stay home by myself. And for the first time, ever, Chris had to travel Sunday night for his job. I’m allowed to leave him with the kids on the weekends while I gallivant for half marathons, but he isn’t allowed to leave me. So I was secretly glad when Olive started sluing chunks of cottage cheese and spaghetti o’s like a water spicket because that meant that my MIL would come down and stay the night. [thanks, T!] I would have stayed home with Olive myself but I had my consultation with the oral surgeon about having my wisdom teeth removed [traumatizing post coming tomorrow]. And also because any vacation or sick leave from works burns a hole in my pocket. I just have to make it through this week and this it’s Christmas Vacation!...
 So while I pull myself together this morning, I want everyone to check out these great giveaways!

Suze from Straight on the Ground is a local St. Louis blogger. We met at a blogger’s meetup and have been friends since. I like Suze’s blog because you can tell that she writes and sounds like she would in real life. She is a mom a cute little toddler and a high school teacher.

On her blog this week, she is hosting her “favorite things” giveaway. There is lots of good stuff and the entry numbers are low so far… so you have a good chance of winning an awesome prize pack! Be sure to jump over to Suze’s page HERE and add her to your bloglovin’ feed HERE.
And while you’re mentally checked out of work and wasting time on blogs, head over to Ashton’s blog because she is hosting a $200 cash giveaway with a few other of my favorite bloggers like: Emily from Beauty and the Greek, Aubrey Leigh from ALG Uninterrupted, Valerie from Fabulous Chick Gets Fit, Nina from the Nina Show, and Jess from The Girl Who Thought Too Much.
And before I forget, thank you everyone who linked up for the Christmas edition of Finish the Sentence… You can see who on by checking out Jake’s post HERE. I will email the lucky person their $20 e-card to Target today!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh poor baby..and Olive. LOL.
    I hope everything is better and count down to Christmas vacay is on! My last day is Friday and then I'm off till the 2nd. Wohoo!!!

  2. We went through this last weekend and I got the better part of an 8 oz bottle on me, however my child had none on him they are clever. Then it started with the other end and one time he shit on my hand. I screamed "Grayson you just shit on momma" and that made him cry. We were a hot mess for 3 days with poop explosions. Sending thoughts that yours passes quickly!

  3. Yay for great MIL's. I have my little one at work with me today because she isn't feeling well and luckily they'd rather her be here with me than me miss.

    Now if you will excuse me, I'm gonna go catch up on the 100 posts of yours that I missed while I was gone. :)

  4. I had my wisdom teeth removed last year on Christmas eve. On the plus side, I got to spend the holidays wearing footie jammies, curled up on the couch, with super awesome pain meds. On the down side - uhh, getting teeth taken out sucks and I looked like a weird chipmunk for about a week.

  5. Poor OB. Hope he is feeling better. All 3 of my kids had it starting last Thursday. Hubs, my mom and I had it this weekend. Good times had by all.

  6. Ugh! That's the worst! Hope she feels better soon!

  7. Awww. Poor Olive! I hope she is feeling better! And I'm glad you survived the chucks on your chest! The metaphor of your reaction is just hilarious! I wish someone would come stay with me every time my husband travels for work because I hate being home alone too!

  8. I had to search high and low to find an oral surgeon who would knock me out to have my wisdom teeth removed. The first two, TWO said they could remove my wisdom teeth sans sleepy-time medicine. I ran out of that office so fast my feet probably smoked. Long story but it's a good thing I found a guy to knock me out because there were major problems and they had to keep me sleeping for over an hour to dig out the 'wise' teeth. Thankfully, I had mine removed when I was only 23 years old and didn't need to worry about kids needing me because for ME the recovery was pretty bad. Lots and lots of pain meds were gulped down around the clock.

    Good luck with getting yours removed.

  9. My boys have been sick too. I can't get Oliver to keep a bottle down to save his life. I think we are getting better... I pray. I hope your family is on the mends so you can have a great Christmas without cottage cheese chunks.