Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Social Shit that is Shutterfly

I fell into the Christmas card trap. I don't know why or how it happened, but it's the thing I throw a fit about every year. This year I decided to go through Shutterfly because I love the Erin Codren designs. Then I found 406 coupon codes online which made me justify the price of a tri-fold card, front and back, on heavy card stock, with matching address labels.

Chris questioned the necessity of this purchase... like he has since I made him return that laptop. We have a lot of family that probably know nothing about this blog, who would appreciate a little recap in the mail. Chris's mom writes a letter to insert in her Christmas cards every year, so I was told that this was very "Teresa Stanfield" of me. 

So I order the cards on Thursday, December 5th. This was the night before leaving for the St. Jude marathon. So of course, on my top 10 moments of 2013, I list that I completed the race. By the time that my car and I barely returned from Memphis, it was too late to make changes to the card.

Great. I'll just up my notch of tacky and cross out that line on 65+ cards.

Top 10 Moments of 2013:
1. Haven turned four and started preschool
2. Taylor Swift concert with the Stanfield's
3. Chris bought a new car.
4. Holly completed the St. Jude Memphis Marathon NOT
5. Chris started a little blog design business
6. We bought a new house!
7. Chris's surprise 30th birthday party
8. Chiefs vs Cowboys game with the Smith's
9. We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary
10. Olive had a successful eye surgery and turned two

But as of this past Sunday, my cards were still in production. My address labels that were mailed out on the 6th, were lost at some postal facility in Kansas City. After bitchin' and complain' for two weeks about these cards, I finally called Shutterfly to see if I would even have them by Christmas. After a god awful wait, a customer support tech, his supervisor, and her manager later, my cards were on a truck.

At this point, I was trying to cancel the order because I didn't think people would have them by Christmas. And if they did, it would be the day before... and we all know that is one day until they-meet-the-trash day. But in order to cancel, I had to either deny the FedEx order or drop them back off at FedEx, then wait for Shutterfly to receive them before they would credit my account 7-10 days later.

I will just say that I lost my shit on the phone.

But goodness prevailed, and the cards were on my doorstep on Tuesday. But the little tri-fold cards I ordered... are not little. It's like three cards, front and back, laid out next to each other. They are big, bright, and over the top in a not-so-flattering way. But I listened to Chris complain for three weeks about how much money I spent on cards, that I was not willing to swallow my pride and admit my ridiculous purchase.

So I folded those babies up, stuffed 'em, licked 'em, and addressed 'em. And that's when Chris, my husband who never has an opinion about this sort of shit, said to me, "I don't want to send one to my boss. People are going to hate us... they are kind of gaudy. I wish you wouldn't have spent so much on them."

And you know the only comeback that you can use when something like this is said... something that pisses men off more than most things in the world... 

"Well I don't care. Because I bought them with MY money."

If you have posted a picture of your Christmas card, my home-girl Erin from She's a Big Star is hosting a linkup HERE


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And be sure to come back tomorrow for a $75 e-card to Target giveaway! 
The money will be paid out on Sunday morning, just in time to do some last minute shopping!


  1. This is why I love you lol. I went cheap ish this year and now I wish I had a big gaudy card. I think we should try to revive the original ecards. Blue Mountain for 2014 or whatever website that was

  2. Oh Holly, I'm cracking up right now! I hate when something that should be fun and enjoyable ends up being stressful. Tis' the season!

  3. Aw I've never had a problem with them. That sucks. But I love the pictures on the card!!

  4. Oh Holley! You are my favorite blogger. :) Merry Christmas

  5. "Oh, what fun" with one crying and one looking like they're up to no it!

  6. One of my other friends had trouble w/Shutterfly this year and still doesn't have her Christmas cards. I'm a cheap-skate. No cards from the Steck Family this year for anyone. #scroogemcduck
    Your cards look great, even if you had to do some editing.

  7. Does it make me tacky if I think the cards look great?! Because I love them... they're fantastic! And thank you for the link... you're such a good friend! :)

  8. My cards from Shutterfly were 6x8 this year, which is far larger than I anticipated. My husband was taken back by the size too, luckily they're pretty neutral, so he went with it. I personally think yours are adorable, but I totally see how Chris might think they're over the top if they're that big.

  9. I love your card! I think the more pictures the better! I grew up with parents who were both cheap and conservative and just thought picture cards were foolish so I never got to be a part of one and I hated it! I'll sure show them when I send out my Christmas poster collages one day :) Hope ya'll have the best Christmas!

  10. BWHAHAHA LOVE the MY money line...

  11. This is fantastic! I think your cards are gorgeous. I love, love the front! I didn't have an issue with Shutterfly this year, but my mailman did deliver our cards to my neighbor (and we don't talk to neighbors), so I had to chase him down about 4 houses so he could get our cards out of their mailbox.

  12. You win. End of story. Chris should give up. =)

  13. I love your cards Holly!! What a great idea. I wish I was that organized to do picture cards but it seems impossible to get all 7 of my family members clean and dressed up and in the same location for a quick picture. Oh make that 8 because Mack would have to be in the card too. I love me some Aubrey Leigh!!

  14. Shutterfly should have returned your money for all the eff ups, or at the very least given you a partial credit.

    I used Vista Print this year and I LOVED what I got back. The picture of my kids was thrown together one night after school. Something along the lines of "PUT YOUR COLLARED SHIRTS ON NOW!" "Damn it hold the baby still" "Can we just get this done???"

  15. you are so epic.
    love love love this whole scenario :)

  16. I freaking love you. and just so you know. I sent out thank you cards for baby gifts and at the bottom wrote: PS consider this your christmas card too. so you are doing better at life than I am.

  17. hahaha! I think your cards look great! The colors are fun and the pictures are perfect! That really stinks that Shutterfly messed up your order though. They should have gave you a credit or something! Glad you got them out in time too!

  18. I don't think your card is bad. I will say though- I had an issue with Shit-fly when I ordered my card as well. They offered 10 free with purchase. I wanted 40 but knew 10 other people I could mail them too so thought "good deal". WRONG! Your 10 free is taken off the total you want to purchase. SO they say I ordered 30 and got 10 free. BS! I should have known then. So I place the order and wait three weeks for my "little orange package" to arrive (when they were mailed out only 2 days after the order was placed). I was pissed. So when I finally got them I was looking at this stack of "40" and I had a feeling there weren't 40 there. SO- I counted, Hubby counted and I counted again and we both came up every time with 36 cards. I wrote the customer service a horrid note telling them how I am going to have to buy pay $15 to buy a pack of 10 generic cards and have 6 left over- only to replace the 4 they omitted from my order..blah blah blah. Well they made it right by sending me 4 of them to replace the ones I was missing, and they rushed it to my house. But I placed 3 other orders through there and weeks after I placed the card order and those orange pieces of crap made it to my house before those stupid cards. I will never EVER order from there again. I use to love them but they have become crap show over the years. I will go back to creating my cards/stationary at Reasonable prices, always has deals and you can create your own to mimic shutterfly.

  19. Hahahaha!!! You should totes tape it on the back of his car window so whem he gets in and looks in the rearview mirror it is smiling back at him. Like Elf on the could call the game Card for my (insert rhyming word here).

  20. This made me laugh a lot!!! I've heard a lot about headaches this year with ordering Christmas Cards. If it makes you feel any better... I purchased cards early ( just from the store) and I was all set to use them... then my husband wanted to personalize the envelopes (we're designers and printers) well... then that got put off, and then we didn't have enough cards for everyone, then we got more cards and then he wanted to use ALL of the same envelope sizes for the printer and then he was like I'll just print more of the 2nd cards and I thought what about the first EFFING cards? Did I just waist my money on those??? Long story short, we never truly agreed, did anything and the cards are in the box and NONE have been sent. I grabbed out 3 and sent them to family members that sent me cards first. Christmas Card fail!

  21. Yeah, I love the big beautiful Shutterfly cards. I sent them out in 2010 when Shutterfly had that 50 free cards for bloggers. And so I longingly look at their cards each year and hope to get word on that promotion again. And then buy the 50 cards for $15 at Costco. I didn't know coupon codes were so prevalent for shutterfly, next year post them and help a girl out. I'm always a little heart broken that my cards are sent out on cheap photo paper instead of being double sided folded cards on fine quality card stock.

  22. Oh Holly. This is why I aim low and don't send holiday cards anymore. You want to know about my kids? I'll drop them on your doorstep and be back tomorrow. ;-)

  23. Best line ever! I bought picture cards last year and never got around to sending them. We'll guess what? Those babies went out this year. Cheap? Yes. Do my kiddos look the same? Mostly. Do I care? Heck to the no.

  24. I sent my cards out Monday. But, I only really sent them to family who actually hold onto them all year long so I don't care.