Friday, January 10, 2014

Wake Me Up When This Detox Ends

A lot of my best blog friends are hosting a new Friday linkup called Follow Through Friday, basically just to hold each other accountable for fitness goals. I will say that each of these girls has a good weight loss story. 

Aubrey Leigh is a working mom of two and runner...
Candra just recently went paleo....
Mel is my token super model friend...
Val is my Beyonce. I love her mucho grande...
Jenn has lost OVER 100 POUNDS...

Check out all of them!


Yesterday I started the Two Week Rapid Weight Loss challenge by Dr. Oz. My original post, with details, and a grocery list is HERE. It was a rough day. I definitely felt a lot of the detox symptoms of wheat and sugar. By 4pm, I had a full on migraine and felt nauseous. I ended up going to sleep at 7:30pm just to get some relief.

From what I've read, these symptoms are normal for the first two days, along with a little fatigue. This is probably why Dr. Oz doesn't recommend doing any additional workouts during this period. I took yesterday off from Jillian, but I will see how I feel tonight.

I know a lot of you are starting this plan on Monday, so I thought I would give you my first day review.

According to the plan, you should start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon. I sipped on this while I did my hair and makeup and it was fine. Before I jetted out the door, I made the smoothie that he recommends (recipe posted HERE). Back when I lost weight post-Olive, I substituted one meal a day with a smoothie and I had great results. This smoothie doesn't taste bad. But it ain't no Baskin Robins smoothie either. I really wanted a McGriddle and Coke, but I bought an ass load of groceries just for me, so I have to stick this out.

The smoothie kept me full all the way to lunch. Then I had some lentil soup with hummus and mushrooms. This is the part of the day that I went into hangry-bitch-mode. I started to get a little headache, then by 4pm it was a full on migraine. As soon as I got home, I made some iced green tea just to give me a little pep.

The hardest part of this challenge for me, will be choking down 6oz of meat everyday. I am a vegetarian about 90% of the time, unless I've had a few beers then I need to shovel in some tacos. With the migraine, I couldn't fathom eating the chicken I had laid out, so I just had a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. To keep me full, I ate some brown rice with broccoli. I was satisfied, but I really wanted something sweet. I'd rather have sweets than salts. So I made a bowl of non-fat greek yogurt, plain, and added a few frozen strawberries on top. 


Non-fat greek yogurt tastes like curdled sour cream. I'm never going there again.

Today, I feel a lot better, even less bloated already. I will post a one week review next Friday.

A few people left me questions on instagram and in the comments, but their emails weren't linked to their profile, so I thought I would answer a few of the most common questions:

Q. The plan states not to do any additional exercise. Will you still be doing Jillian?
I took yesterday off, but I will resume The Lunging Monster tonight. From what I understand, you should not be doing anything more than what you normally do.

Q: Is all of that food just for me? ($71 for all food listed HERE).

Yes and no. I normally buy the veggies and frozen chicken so that will go towards family dinners. Basically just the broth, smoothie ingredients, tea, and yogurt are for me. But they can have the damn yogurt.

Q: Will the organic vegetable broth take place of what Dr. Oz recommends?
Yes! He states that a carton of organic vegetable broth is OK as long as it's low sodium. I didn't drink it yesterday, but I plan to drink it after lunch today.

Q: How will you live without beer?
I don't know. I feel like the Homer Simpson of blog moms, but I love to have a beer after dinner. If I end up liking my results, I will have to find a water-downed gluten free beer... and become that person.

Q: Have you read Wheat Belly?
No, but I did what I did in college and found the cliff notes online. And now I want to read the whole thing. I'll keep you posted with a review.


And if you are feeling a little motivated and want to see a great before and after, then check out Kara from Two Ton Teacher. She has lost a lot of weight and posts great motivation on her blog, as well as recipes. I think people really like her blog because she is so relateable. Right now she is hosting a $50 Amazon gift card... and only 16 people have entered. Your chances are GOOD. Head over and enter her giveaway HERE! And be sure to check her out on instagram HERE

Look at cute little Shelby! I just think she is an absolute doll. She blogs over at Simply Shelby and just got a fabulous new blog design. Shelby is from a small town in Indiana and just landed a new job! I love her blog because it's always happy and fun. Please head over and check out her page HERE ans be sure to follow her awesome twitter account HERE

Alrighty, I'm out for the weekend. I might chew off all of my nails just to avoid all of cereal in the pantry. 

Who is doing the Dr. Oz diet or starting Monday? Email me if you need support. :)


  1. greek yogurt is the sickest shit ever. seriously, that stuff is disgusting. fruit or not. barf.

  2. Psst the best non fat greek yogart is Oikos - I have tried them all and that is the hands down winner - and they have a cafe latte one ;-) Hang in there girl

  3. Omission is a gluten free beer (yup, I'm that girl) that we have here - look for it, it's actually pretty good! Even my husband said it doesn't suck, and he's a beer nurd. or knurd. however those beer people spell it.

    I'm on Day 5 of my 2nd Whole 30...and I feel ya on the hangry bitch. I'm just whaa whaa tired and cranky. I know it will be for the good and I'll feel amazing in a few weeks, but DAMN....thirty days?!? WTH was I thinking?

  4. My husband and I started yesterday also. We both were feeling the same way...headache and tired. I still have a pretty bad headache today. I did good until around 2pm then I was about to lose my mind. We don't eat dinner to around 7:30, so it was a long stretch. We made veggie soup to have with dinner and it was delish. I brought almonds to work today, hoping that will help me some.

  5. My hardest thing is def the beer! It helps keep my anxiety in check. And I'm so nervous to start this - fear I will bite everyone's heads off at work and lose my job!

  6. I hate greek yogurt WITH flavor and sugar in it, but even MORE when it is plain. Yuck city.

    Keep up the good work, Holly. You got this!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I did a diet in 2011 for 6 months where I couldn't eat anything but green veggies and protein pretty much. No carbs, no fruit, no dairy, no fun! Anyway, day 1 was ok. The only thing I remember about day 2 and 3 is that I don't remember anything about day 2 and 3. Luckily I started on a Thursday because Friday and Saturday I slept on and off all day because it was all I could do to fend off the headache and I just couldn't function. It was so weird. I zoned out like those days never happened. I hope your days get better and this does not happen to you. Good luck!

  9. i don't think i could stick with that detox diet, sounds harsh! ugh but i'm with you on the yougurt thing - i keep trying it thinking maybe i'll like it this time? umm NO. good luck!!!

  10. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do this. At least without killing someone before I finished.

  11. After reading this, I think I am going to rethink my detox!! It's my bday next week and I will NEED cake and wine! :o

  12. Oh my Lordy! I can't even stomach regular yogart, much less greek yogart. Barf city is right! And, I loved this: "This is the part of the day that I went into hangry-bitch-mode." I laughed out loud at my desk when I read that. Then instantly shook my head YES, because I would be the same way.

    Good luck with the rest of the detox. I hope your migraines go away. Have a great weekend!

  13. SHould have warned you about that nasty ass yogurt myyyy bad!

    1. Just drink one of those Shakeology Kimmy;)

  14. yogurt is bad for me in any form, but I have smelled the greek and my stomach curled. Kudos for even trying it!

    Get past day3 without any homicide and you got this! The detox and sugar withdrawal that makes the first days brutal (migraines) but just hole yourself up in the closet and make everyone fend for themselves until you come out the newer and bloat-free Holly

  15. Are you allowed to have honey?? That would make the yogurt bearable

  16. Plain Greek Yogurt use to be something I had to plug my nose to eat! Now I have frozen raspberries in it. But the key is put the raspberries in the fridge so they get all juicy (like overnight) and then add them. It taste so much better! (You could try with any frozen fruit)

  17. I am so glad you did a day 1 review!!!! I start monday, and apparently not looking forward to the non-fat greek yougurt now! :( Keep it up holly YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Don't give up on the Greek Yogurt. It took me several tries before I actually could say that I liked it.

  19. i rather eat baby poo than greek yogurt. that shit is straight up old curdled milk. YUCK.
    on another note, you effing rock.

  20. OMG I hate Greek puke... and you are too sweet to me... Hang in there honey - after the headaches and ickyness - in walks HOT HOLLY! LOL... Mucho love.

  21. I used to think greek yogurt tasted like barf too! Now I mash up fruit and add a few drops of vanilla stevia into it and love it. I also think Fage is better tasting!

  22. If you find any good gluten free beers, let me know!! I have yet to find any good ones! Boo!

  23. You're stronger than me. My first experience with plain Greek Yogurt was when someone told me it tasted just like sour cream and to use it on my at home Mexican-ish foods. Lies!!

  24. I love this post! and I totes agree that Fabchick is basically Beyonce. Oh wait. That is what you meant, right?

  25. Get it girl! I couldn't do it. I'm horrible at sticking with things that don't taste good.

  26. God bless you, woman! That's some disciplined eating!! You're stronger than moi. I had cheese toast for dinner :/

  27. Add your protein powder to some Greek yogurt...tastes like cheesecake!

  28. Way to go girl!! That is awesome.

    I can't do plain yogurt either. It's nasty! I put some fruit in it and it seems to help.

    Keep at it!

  29. I mix a little of the crystal light powder into my Greek yogurt - still sugar free and tastes much better.

  30. I add a little bit of crystal light powder to plain Greek yogurt and it tastes great- sugar free too.

  31. This sounds like torture. I NEED to detox from sugar, but I'm such a picky eater that I don't think I can do this. Not sure if you' like ciders, but Angry Orchard is glutten free....although I'm sure it's stuffed with sugar.