Monday, January 13, 2014

What's in Your Makeup Bag?

Until the past year, I hadn't really gotten into makeup. It pretty much consisted of some under eye concealer, powder, mascara, and eyeliner. But now that these bonzos are shaving hours off my life each day, I now have to lather on the foundation just to look alive.

My friend Trista from Life According to Trista is hosting a linkup today, asking everyone to share what's in their makeup bags. She is formerly of Stewart Street, but had to change her domain-- so be sure to stop by and follow her page again. 

Ok... so back to my makeup. My sister Noel and I watch a lot of beauty bloggers on YouTube. I just have to see people put on the makeup to know what to do... similar to how I have to watch people clap in church because I can't keep a beat on my own. 

One of my favorite beauty bloggers for a long time has been Cara from Maskcara. She recently came out with her own makeup line called IIID Foundation. Basically, it's a two toned foundation/contouring makeup. You can buy it bundled with a luminator and liquid blush. After watching her video 582 times in December, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the HAC Pack HERE

Spending money on makeup is a big deal for me. I'd rather spend it on food. So when she recommended buying a $40 brush from Ulta to apply the makeup, I ignored her and am now living in deep regret. BUY THE BETTER BRUSH. Or makeup sponges. 

So here are all of my makeup products {not pictured: the Ulta brush I'm buyin' this weekend}.

>> I wear the Maskcara HAV Pack in Light, with the Luminator, and Princess Peach liquid blush. I'll post a before and after on my instagram this weekend when I get the Ulta brush.

>>  My favorite mascara of all time is the Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara in Very Black. Brandi got the housewives of America turned on to this for a good reason. It makes your lashes look way longer and the tubes come off with warm water without damaging your lashes.

>> Are you're kids making you look like a tired sociopath? Get the Lorac Double Feature from Ulta. It makes you look like a guest from the Oprah Show. So rested and awake, even you are hungover and without a Lumiday.

>> I was never a Mary Kay person until recently. My friend Karen sells it and gave me a sample of the Creme Lipstick. It's ahh-mazing. Goes on smooth like a lip gloss but with a better color. I use it in Pink Passion-- it's subtle and shiny.

>> My eyebrows just get the drug store special. Just something to fill in where I let my older sister SHAVE them when I was in junior high.

>> And finally, the glue that holds it all together... the one beauty item I cannot live without.. liquid eyeliner. I love Loreal Telescopic in Very Black. It's the only one I've found that lasts all day and give me the Lauren Conrad-wispy-eye look. 

Go link up with Trista HERE and share your favorite makeup products! 


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Isn't Jennifer gorgeous too? She blogs over at Bubbly & Buttercream {the future title of my life bio}. Jennifer is from Texas where she lives as a cupcake baker and interior designer. I like that she writes like how she talks and doesn't bother with using capital letters. She is not only really pretty, but also really sweet. Go over and check out Jennifer's page HERE and add her to your bloglovin feed too by clicking HERE

 Also, some of the nicest {and funniest} bloggers I know are hosting a fitness giveaway today! 
Please head over and check out Candra, Val, Amy, Alicia, and Sami to enter and win. 

Happy Monday!


  1. You always make me want to try to wear liquid liner. It looks so good on you, but I feel like I look like a cheap hooker with it on.

  2. I got liquid eyeliner in my eye one time and it was seriously like an oil spill in my EYE! Since then I have been terrified of it.

  3. Mama Laughlin also got me into the Loreal Double Extend. That with liquid liner makes an awesome dramatic look!

  4. Wait. Older sister? I thought Noel was younger?

  5. You sold me on the Lorac several months back. It makes a big difference. So you may have talked me into the Maskcara pack.

  6. I am so with you on, I'd rather spend it on food... or clothes. I do love when you find something that you love enough to spend the money on though! Because then you know you really love it. I just fell in love with the makeup from arbonne. ever heard of it? I'll have to try that mascara... I'm using an avon one my grandma (the avon lady at her retirement apartments, lol) gifted me for Christmas and by the end of the day I look like a raccoon. $25 oprah like concealer.... - insert my "I can totally find a shirt for that much" line of thought. Maybe i'll splurge.

  7. I may need to check out that foundation. I almost bought Baremineral but just couldn't bring myself to do it. I need a money tree. Thanks for the shout out!

  8. I am going to have to link up on this when I get off work today. I need to take some pictures of my stuff. I love watching you tube videos to see what everyone uses and how to use it. I didn't start doing this until October when I found out my husbands cousins wife actually has a channel that she does tutorials and hauls all the time time on. What do you use on your eye brows? I shaved mine off when I was in elementary school and they have never grown back in fully and then right before my wedding last year I had a bad threading incident and they have never been the same since. I have been venturing into penciling/shading them in but I have the hardest time with it. I would love to know what you use (:

  9. i vow by the double tube mascara- best product out there. i LOVE maskcara. i have been wanting to try her products!

  10. Try sigma brushes. The flat top kabuki is awesome for foundation and it's not $40. If you like beauty bloggers check out Jaclyn Hill.She's the best!

  11. Thanks for linking up!! :)

    I need to try that foundation. I've still not found THE one!

  12. "I just have to see people put on the makeup to know what to do... similar to how I have to watch people clap in church because I can't keep a beat on my own."

    Bahahahahahaha. Love your face.

    I was thinking of doing a makeup tutorial sometime soon. At the very least show all my products like this. I love these kinds of posts. It's how I learned everything I do as well!

  13. I have really been wanting to try the IIID Foundation from Maskcara but I'm not sure if I would be the light or medium! Don't want to spend the money to mess it up! I can't wait to see how you like it. :)

  14. First -- I just found your blog and LOVE your "beer, bill clinton, and being a basketcase"... yes. Second-- such a fun post! I'm a sunscreen, mascara, chapstick type of gal and most days but love these products!


  15. I am seriously considering the IIID Foundation but wondered like others...would I be light vs. medium. Are you very fair skinned? I guess what I am asking is how did you know to go with the light.

  16. I've been dying to try Maskcara's foundation but I break out easy so I'm scurred.

  17. You may also really love the BeautyBlender sponge (sephora)--sponges are not made equal; trust me I've tried all the cheaper ones and they just don't compare. The BB is the TRUTH, son!

    If you do buy it, just run it under some water so it expands and gets pliable --if you use it dry you're going to think I'm an asshole for recommending a stupid product lol. Anyway, I love the realtechnique brush you ended up buying too. I that brush and the BB in my professional kit (I'm a makeup artist). The RT brush is awesome when you're trying to give yourself more opaque coverage and the BB is awesome when you're trying to build that coverage gradually in the areas you need it. I use the BB when I'm trying to give models a naturally flawless face rather than "I'm made up" face. :)

    1. For example...the last picture I posted on my FB page (/SoffieArtistry) and IG (@soffieartistry) are me using the BB for foundation and concealer. I have raw, unedited photos of that makeup look on my IG a couple posts before that (the model is wear a purple sweater) as well just in case you want to see its work :D